Highwayman Tasting with Dan Woolley

Highwayman Tasting with Dan Woolley

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Highwayman is the hard work and lifelong commitment of Dan Woolley. Dan has been one of the modern day faces of whisky over the last ten years, holding one of the most sought after Whisky Ambassador roles in Australia. Throughout this role he travelled countless hours, covered thousands of highway miles with a bag full of whisky, educating whisky lovers – He was the Highwayman of Whisky. This role gave him a backstage pass to globally renown distilleries throughout Scotland (especially Islay), Kentucky, Tasmania and Japan. These journeys developed a deeper understanding of production and a big love for maturation of whisky. 

In 2016 Dan started to lay down his own sprit in his chosen casks, collecting the first dozen batches from favourite distillery locations around Australia. He sent them on the highway to coastal Byron Bay, NSW, their new home (and his) where they matured while Dan started acquiring the equipment he needed to produce his own spirit. In a dream come true with an alignment with Lord Byron Distillery, on his own still he started to produce his own spirit in 2018.

In mid 2020 he launched Highwayman - his life’s work in a liquid library for all to share. The first few releases were whiskies that were distilled at other distilleries but based on Dan's specifications. In 2021, he finally released whiskies that were 100% distilled by his own hands, on his own stills, as well as fully matured in Byron Bay!

In this tasting, we will be tasting some of his recent releases including some un-released cask. 

On tasting will be:
1) Treason Whisky Highball
2) Highwayman Batch #3.8
3) Highwayman Batch #3.7.2
 4) Highwayman PX/Rum Cask

5) Highwayman PX/PX Stout (Un-Released)
6) Highwayman Whisky Coffee Maple

When: 2nd of September, Saturday
Time: 3pm - 4.30pm
Where: The Elysian Whisky Bar

Price: $69 per person

Seats are extremely limited, don't miss out!