Rare Springbank Tasting with The Elysian & Collector Dominik Holzer

Rare Springbank Tasting with The Elysian & Collector Dominik Holzer

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A brief history on Springbank
Springbank Distillery is a distillery in Campbeltown, Scotland, that was founded in 1828. The distillery is owned by J&A Mitchell, and has been since 1897. In its heyday, Campbeltown was the distilling capital of Scotland. Unfortunately things took a turn, and many distilleries started closing down. For the longest time, Springbank was one of only 2 distilleries that survived in the Campbeltown region. The only time Springbank mothballed was from 1979 - 1989. Since re-opening, Springbank has only gone from strength to strength, and is now one if the most sought after single malt whisky.

Springbank is also famous for being the only distillery in Scotland that malts all their own barley on their malting floors. Three distinctive single malts with different styles are produced at the distillery. Springbank is distilled 2.5 times at 12-15ppm; Longrow is distilled twice at 50-55ppm; and Hazelburn is distilled three times and is unpeated. 

The flavours of the whiskies produced at Springbank distillery is truly of a unique one. Many a times, the flavour is simply described as a "Campbeltown funk". In this tasting, we will be exploring 6 very special expressions of Springbanks - these bottles are from the collection of Dominik Holzer, one of the biggest Springbank collector here in Australia. Join us in this very special tasting, and listen to Dominik as he tells us his journey collecting Springbank and who knows, he might share some tips on where to find these bottles.

On tasting : 
Hazelburn 18yo for Springbank 2020 Virtual Open Day, Fresh Bourbon Cask, 792 Btls, 47.4% (~$450)
Springbank Local Barley 13yo 2023, Ex-Sherry (40%) Ex-Bourbon (60%), 8600 Btls, 54.1% (~$500)
Springbank Private Cask 21yo Refill Hogshead #509, 242 Btls, 49% (~$900)
Springbank Greedy Angels 22yo IB, Refill Sherry Hogshead, 200 Btls, 53.7% (~$1200)
Longrow 16yo (7 Years Bourbon then 9 Years Chardonnay Cask), 360 Btls, 54.3% (~$500)
Springbank 21yo "Jagged Label" (Bottled in 1995), 46% (~$2400 in secondary)

These bottles are valued close to $6000 !

As usual, spaces are extremely limited, don't miss out!

When: Saturday, 11th of May 2024
Time: 3pm - 4.30pm
Price: $340pp (for 6 x 12ml)