Remnant's Redacted Stories with Peter Bignell & Phil Collidge

Remnant's Redacted Stories with Peter Bignell & Phil Collidge

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Remnant Whisky Company was founded out of the ashes of the spectacularly public implosion of a well known Tasmanian Whisky Distillery. The founder of that distillery had encouraged consumers to invest in casks of whisky to raise capital for the brand, however some casks were never filled, or made to appear full of whisky, making the investment worthless. The distillery released enough great whisky to keep the facade going, until there was not enough mature whisky to redeem withdrawals from investors, and the house of cards collapsed. Investors were faced with never seeing their hard earned savings again when Peter Bignell, founder and distiller of Belgrove Rye Whisky, secured as many quality whisky casks as he could get his hands on, to continue maturing and releasing great whisky, and returning value to everyday Aussies who would have otherwise lost it all! 

Presenting the whiskies to us will be the man himself, distillery and all-rounder superstar Peter Bignell & Creative Director of Remnant Whisky Co., Phil Collidge. Come along to taste these interesting whiskies and there will be plenty of stories to be shared too!  

In this tasting:
6 x 15ml

1) Remnant The Scoundrel, French & American Oak Casks, 44%
(The first Remnant whisky release from mid 2021 )

2) Remnant Herd Not Seen, 100% Australian Apera Casks, 44.5%
3) Remnant Fly By Night, Bourbon and Australian Apera Casks, 45%
4) Remnant Black Spot "T", Bourbon and Australian Apera casks, 47.1%
5) Remnant WLA Lockdown Edition, Single Bourbon Cask, 45.9%
6) Remnant The Elusive, Single Australian Apera Cask, 58.8%

When: Tuesday, 6th of December 2022
Time: 6pm - 7.30pm
Where: The Elysian Whisky Bar

Price: $45 for 6 x 15ml

Limited seats available, so don't miss out and grab a ticket now!